The Gift of TIME is a program targeting all travel related organizations with an invitation to invest in the future of their people and their industry by:

  • Rewarding a talented and aspiring staff member with a 6 month mentoring program;
  • Motivating a valued customer by rewarding them with a Gift of TIME;
  • Incentivising valued members of your industry association;
  • Just helping a friend grow their business skills and achieve success.

Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours. Les Brown

The Gift of TIME is an opportunity to add value to an individual’s career through the process of being personally, confidentially and professionally mentored for 6 months. TIME offers a range of business skills, development guidance and support sessions, within a mentoring and peer collaboration environment, to aspiring mid-level management individuals of the travel and tourism industry.

The cost of being mentored for 6 months is $1,500,00 + GST. This sum covers fortnightly meetings with a personal Mentor and six weekly networking functions providing opportunity to meet and liaise with key industry personalities.

Many prominent organizations from travel, tourism, hospitality and aviation sectors  of the industry have already supported their staff through the programme with the result that both the Mentee and their employer have reaped significant benefits from the program.

So give the gift of TIME today!

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