‘Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person’ – Mother Teresa.

Travel Industry Mentor Experience is open to anyone who has been employed in the Travel and Tourism industry for 2 years or more, and/or is employed in a mid-management (team leader, operations manager, manager) role.

Our mentoring program is recommended for people looking to:

  • Develop new skills, confidence and identify areas for professional growth
  • Enhance career opportunities and have a more strategic career plan
  • Gain or increase knowledge of organisational culture, structure and process
  • Develop new ways of thinking and problem solving
  • Increase their job satisfaction and access new networks

Reciprocity – A recipe for success

The TIME program is focused on mentoring relationships that are ‘mentee-driven’. Each successful applicant is matched with a Mentor on the basis of pertinent business skills and experience that will enable them to offer relevant advice and perspective.

Proactive behaviours by mentees are critical to the success of relationships with their mentors.

Although mentors might be selected on the basis of particular competencies, what matters in terms of the relationship is the quality of reciprocity within each mentoring pair.

The difference between mentoring and coaching

While coaching and mentoring share some qualities, mentoring provides career guidance and longer-term support, as opposed to the relatively short-term and performance-related focus of coaching.

They are synergistic and complementary.

The Mentor role versus a Manager’s role

Mentoring is not intended to replace the role and influence of the mentee’s manager at work, it simply plays a complementary part.

Whilst a manager may be responsible for setting work goals and ensuring they are achieved, a mentor will focus on overall career development and support.

Mentor matching

Mentors and mentees are matched using the criteria contained in the TIME Application form.

With a pool of experienced executives from a broad range of disciplines, the matching process considers not only the participant’s needs and aspirations but also any possible corporate conflict of interest.

Each mentee will be contacted to ensure they’re comfortable with their initial match before confirming that selection.

The Program Coordinator is available to help mentees determine their program goals.

Mentee commitment

Successful TIME program applicants typically have the following characteristics:

  • A respect for learning
  • A preparedness to accept responsibility for their own growth and development
  • Willingness to participate and be challenged
  • An eagerness to bring issues and challenges for discussion
  • An ability to approach the relationship with respect and openness
  • Availability, commitment and attendance at the mentoring meetings, workshops and networking gatherings.


Whilst no two mentees are the same, TIME focuses on five core outcomes.

  • Purpose: Career goals set and a plan to achieve these goals
  • Personal development: Knowledge of self, abilities, behaviours, communication and leadership skills
  • Business skills: Understanding the business environment and skills required to manage a profitable business
  • Understanding management challenges: Business finance; data and knowledge assets; evaluation and estimation; and risk management
  • Leadership: Problem-solving and decision making; planning and innovative thinking; ethics and fairness in the workplace.


A confidentiality agreement will be signed.

Confidentiality is essential to enable the mentee to be open and ensure the kind of genuine relationship necessary for success. Confidentiality ground rules are that nothing can be discussed outside the relationship without the other parties’ agreement (aside from legal obligations).

A code of practice for mentoring will also be made available.

Payment plan for mentees

In addition to scholarships, a  payment plan for mentee fees is available for mentees paying their own mentee fee.

This is not applicable to company payments

Contact the program manager for further details.

Take action!

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Payment details
Full payment is to be received at least one month prior to programme commencement.
For employees paying personally: Monthly payment plan for mentees paying personally: A monthly payment plan is available. (Subject to the completion of a Payment Plan Agreement by the mentee and approval by the TIME Board) First payment to be received at least one month prior to commencement on the Programme
EFT Payments:
Account Name: Travel Industry Mentor Experience Limited
Bank: Westpac
Account #:

Resignation policy
- If a Mentee resigns from their employment within the travel or tourism industry, the mentee will no longer eligible to stay in the TIME Programme
- If a Mentee changes employer part way through the programme but is re-employed within the travel industry (deemed appropriate by the TIME Board) and has personally paid the appropriate fee they may continue in the programme
- If a Mentee resigns from their employer and their employer has paid the fee the mentee must leave the TIME programme immediately (The TIME Board will determine whether a replacement is allowed based on the amount of time the mentee has been in the programme)
- If the Mentee is a representative of a Sponsor in the programme, the TIME Board at its discretion may allow a replacement
- Repetitive absenteeism from the programme or TIME’s engagement activities may result in termination from the programme without refund
-Deferral from the Programme is not permitted (however, may be considered by the Board and Committee at its discretion under certain circumstances).

Cancellation fee policy
- A cancellation fee prior to commencement of the Programme of $500.00 will be applicable for any Mentees who, after being matched with a Mentor and all documentation relevant to their programme is completed, cancels for any reason prior to their commencement.
- If a Mentee resigns from the programme within 30 days of commencement of their programme, irrespective of who has paid for the mentee to participate in the programme a cancellation fee of $750.00 + GST will apply.
- If the employer and /or the Mentee has paid the Fee of $1,500.00 + GST and the Mentee has completed three (3) months or more on the Programme – NO refund will be made.
- Cancellation due to Mentee not meeting programme requirements.
(Applicable to Mentees who are sponsored or paid for by their company)
In the event of a Mentee not being able to meet the commitments of the programme within the first 6 weeks, either the mentor or the mentee must alert the Programme Coordinator to this fact and the Board of Time will then decide what action will be taken:
  • To defer the Mentee to the next programme
  • No more than four Mentor/Mentee meetings have occurred
  • No Penalty of an additional fee will be levied

Requests for transferring to another programme after 4 or more Mentor /Mentee meetings have occurred will incur a Penalty Fee of $500 to transfer

Privacy statement
Any personal information provided to TIME is protected by the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988. The information is essential to determine your eligibility for the TIME Programme. TIME may disclose some of your personal information to a third party contractor who will monitor and deliver parts of the TIME programme. The information may be used to send you communications about TIME-related activities such as newsletters, flyers and invitations.