Our TIME graduates come from all sectors of the travel industry. Here’s what they have to say about their mentoring experience.

Angela Webber

“The TIME program has been a fantastic journey; to learn from and be challenged by an incredible mentor, expand my network in this wonderful industry, and to be re-inspired in both my professional and personal life. It’s been a great investment in myself, and my future, and I encourage anyone, at any stage of their career to be part of this program. Your mentor will help you strive towards your goals and will motivate you to be the best version of yourself.”

Brett Strawbridge

“The TIME experience has been incredibly eye opening and extremely valuable to me in my professional career. My mentor was able to work with me on how leaders manage workload, prioritise opportunities and get the best out of myself and my team. Highly recommended to get ahead in your career.”

Hayley Dawson

“This experience really pushed me out of my comfort zone which is exactly what I needed! With the help from my mentor I was able to set goals I wanted to achieve throughout the six-month mentorship. I was given the tools and strategies that helped me achieve what I had set out to do, something I know I wouldn’t have achieved by myself as I didn’t have that confidence prior. I really enjoy being part of the TIME whānau and meeting up with past/present mentees every few months and cheering on anyone who takes up the opportunity in taking part in something truly great for your own personal growth but also for our awesome industry.”

Hebron Canlas

There are no words to describe how grateful I am to have experienced  the TIME mentorship programme. I was lucky to be mentored by an amazing leader who showed great passion and a willingness to share his wisdom. The power of guidance and encouragement, along with the new skills I have acquired have been invaluable and I am excited for what the future hold. I encourage anyone who wants a challenge and career defining results to become a mentee and join the TIME family.

James Leslie

“I have found the TIME experience has been invaluable. The timing was perfect to have such a great mentor during a very uncertain time in the industry and my career with lots of changes. The whole programme exceeded my expectations but the ongoing networking I find is so beneficial and a key benefit. I’ve also been really impressed that my mentor still makes himself available for me today for regular catch ups, and in fact I’ve probably leaned on him more in recent times than during the mentorship. I highly recommend anyone considering being a mentee to sign up, it won’t be regretted.”

Karen McIntosh

“The TIME program has been extremely valuable in my professional and personal development.  I have benefitted from both the one-on-one time with my fantastic mentor, as well as connecting with other industry experts, fellow mentees and graduates.  I highly recommend the TIME programme to anyone who wishes to grow in their career, as well as personally.  Don’t be scared to apply!”

Lauren Baclig

“TIME has been an amazing channel to aspiring leaders like me who wish to further develop their career in the industry. I met incredible people and made new connections through my involvement with the program. I was so lucky to have Leanne as my mentor as she was able to help me refocus on my goals during a difficult time in my personal and professional life. I am excited to see how our TIME family in NZ grow as we welcome many more mentees into the program.”

Liz Grossman

“During my mentorship, I learned so much from my mentor. I was challenged, stretched, and guided. At the conclusion of the programme I walked away knowing what direction I was heading in career-wise and had the tools to get me to where I wanted to go. But it didn’t end there! Once my mentorship ended I had the privilege of sitting on the TIME Committee for the next 12 months. This experience was invaluable to me and I soaked up all the knowledge from my tourism committee members. I will be forever grateful for my TIME journey.”

Lorene Bradley

“The TIME program is an incredibly valuable experience and investment in your personal and professional growth. Having one-on-one support from an experienced industry leader will inspire you to stretch outside of your comfort zone, dream big and achieve some epic goals. The networking events are the perfect opportunity to connect with industry leaders, past and present mentees, and other industry super stars – what better way to build your network and personal brand! I recommend the program to everyone looking to supercharge their development.”

Nachelle Shearer

“I am beyond grateful for my time as a mentee and would recommend the programme to anyone who wants to challenge themselves and broaden their horizons.  My mentor shared so much wisdom and sage advice that I will carry with me for the rest of my career.  As a graduate, I feel so lucky to continue to be a part of the TIME community.  It is an incredible group of people with a depth of knowledge and talent that knows no bounds.”

Patricia Xu

As a proud graduate of the 2020 TIME program, I can confidently attest to its profound impact on my career in the travel industry. TIME, along with the invaluable guidance of my mentor, played an instrumental role in helping me navigate the most challenging phase of my professional journey. I wholeheartedly recommend the TIME program to anyone who is serious about excelling in the travel industry. The journey is more fulfilling when shared with like-minded individuals. TIME is the beating heart of the travel industry, a supportive and close-knit ‘Whānau’ where we can truly be ourselves.

Paula Watson

“TIME was like a breath of fresh air for me.  It’s the best step I have taken in a long time to stay excited about the industry I love and my personal career journey!  It allowed me to challenge myself, helped me work through different scenarios, and start the process of setting goals again.  My mentor gave me some excellent tools and guidance, as well as a good laugh along the way, and having the wider network of industry professionals that are part of the TIME whanau, adds so much more to the experience.  If you are thinking about doing the Mentor programme, I say go for it.”

Sarah Wills

“I graduated in 2020 during the pandemic, so having a mentor was crucial. It was a privilege to be chosen for this experience & bounce ideas off a reputable member of the Travel Industry. My mentor was a perfect match! I have grown my network, improved my work/life balance, work  smarter and don’t sweat the small stuff.  With a can-do attitude, I focused on my skills for future roles. I am now a BDM in the F&G insurance industry and still remain close with fellow mentees. I highly recommend this program to help take you to the next step in your career.”

Stacey Kerr

“The TIME Mentoring Program continues to be a valuable platform for growth in the way that I work and the connections I make in the industry . Working with my mentor, I was able to develop a better understanding of my own personal values and understanding those values explained a lot about the way I work and the decisions I make in my career. While this is just one of the many valuable learnings I took away from the program, it is something that I continue to revert back to in the months and years since graduating. I would recommend the TIME Mentoring Program to anyone wishing to continue to grow in a professional setting, expand their knowledge and make valuable connections amongst this fantastic network.”